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Tenant Improvement  

National Air has established itself as one of San Diego’s premier mechanical providers for tenant improvement projects because we understand the special needs of commercial property owners who must provide customized, cost efficient solutions on a quick turnaround basis. 

Through careful attention to the needs of the customer from a design perspective as well as consideration of the logistical constraints of an occupied building, National Air & Energy has successfully completed thousands of commercial projects of all sizes within San Diego and throughout Southern California.  Our success is based on:


Design Capabilities:

  • In-house engineering complete with Professional Engineers on staff;

  • Capacity to provide wholly integrated designs, including wet-side, dry-side, and controls.


Server Room-Oriented Systems:

  • Proven experience in the design of systems customized to meet the needs of each unique tenant;

  • Load-based design, tailored to each specific and unique configuration;

  • Skilled technicians to maintain and service the equipment to keep it operating as efficiently as the day it was installed.


Broad Array of Systems:

  • Water source

  • Chilled water

  • VAV/Package VAV

  • Split systems

  • VRF/VRV systems


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