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New Construction

At National Air & Energy, we manage the entire mechanical portion of a new construction project from project conception and budgeting, through equipment selection and systems design, to startup and commissioning of the installed systems. Our success is based on the capabilities of our integrated construction department, which include:

Hands-On Approach:

  • Senior management is fully involved from project start through final project completion;

  • In-house Professional Mechanical Engineers and Designers with specialized training and experience in the design of HVAC and Building Automation and Controls systems;

  • A quality control plan requiring accountability at each level of project completion;

  • An entire project team trained to collaborate to ensure the needs of the end user are top priority.


CAD and Project Detailing:

  • An in-house, fully staffed AutoCAD department;

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) software enabling us to model projects in 2D and 3D formats;

    • BIM clash detection features dramatically reduce previously unforeseen conflicts in the field

    • AutoCAD and BIM together increase our operating efficiency and accuracy

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